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Product information

Sample request

You can request the samples directly from our logistics department,

We will send them a.s.a.p.

Please always mention the desired article model and for balloons also the desired balloon colour(s) and balloon size

Balloons filling with heliumgas

Non-combustible, non-explosive
All balloons supplied by us can be filled with helium gas.
Helium gas is a natural noble gas, non-combustible, non-explosive and non-toxic and is part of our atmosphere. Approved gas depots are happy to assist you in delivering them and they deliver
usually a filling tap, to simplify the self-filling of balloons

Hover time
Since helium has an extremely volatile property, the shelf life compared to balloons that are filled with air, but limited in the balloons can be kept, approximately 12 hours at balloon size 85/95. Therefore, balloons filled with helium gas only float for a few hours and therefore also depend heavily on the chosen balloon size

Filling method
Also, the method of filling is extremely important: Never fill a helium balloon for the full 100%. Approximately 80% of the actual balloon content is sufficient. Since a balloon can rise to many thousands of meters in height, it will expand in the atmosphere and in this way has enough “space” to expand, so that the chance of distant hovering is much greater than a 100% filled balloon. Also, never mix a quantity of air on the balloon filling (to be cheaper if necessary) because that does not benefit the rise power of the balloons. Giant balloons, on the other hand, have a substantially larger content compared to normal balloons and therefore continue to float much longer.

As a minimum balloon size for helium filling we recommend balloon 85/95 cm

Balloon decorations
We recommend that you fill the balloons as soon as possible before use. If you were to fill balloons with helium today, they will definitely be on the ground tomorrow! However, this has nothing to do with the quality, because with air they remain filled for weeks. Helium evades through the pores of the natural latex.

Wisa Enschede is not in favour of releasing balloons. Our advice is not to leave helium-filled balloons on to prevent pollution and thereby ensure that they do not enter the atmosphere (however, the possible release of balloons is not prohibited by law nationally)

Helium gas is only available from locally approved gas depots

Balloons with airfilling

The biggest enemy of natural latex balloons are warmth and direct sunbeams. On hot summer days, for example, balloons that are hung outside will therefore fade in color faster and can therefore also crack faster. In a room with a normal average temperature (without much (sun) light, the balloons usually keep their air filling for several weeks, when they are well filled and closed

All balloons are inflated by us before printing and are therefore automatically checked for their quality for an equal time, or there is not a small hole in the extremely thin balloon wall. These balloons already “crack” during printing in our printing department

Handing out balloons
If you want to hand out balloons, we advise you to use a balloon tree for this.
If you put them on the ground, this will not hurt, e.g. on carpeting, but on a floor of stone/concrete/wood, the then very thin balloon wall cannot tolerate this and some balloons will crack may be

First blow the latex balloons to the maximum size and then let about 10% escape. This relieves and stabilizes the surface of the balloon. We recommend that you do not blow the balloons larger than the maximum balloon size, because then they can snap quickly. Especially heart balloons are very sensitive to this!


Inflated balloons

Latex balloons are unexpensed durable. By inflating balloons, the surface is enlarged about 15 to 20 times, which makes the aging process much faster than inflated, because they are so under tension. Due to this tension, the material slowly breaks down

When used outdoors, the balloon quality decreases even faster in appearance. With balloon decorations etc. the aging process occurs very quickly and at elevated temperatures even faster. Air technical installations such as air conditioners can also develop an atmosphere that oxidizes strongly for balloons and other external influences such as; UV radiation, daylight, sunlight, etc. As a result, the “shine effect” of the balloons as you received them is quickly lost and can therefore also crack faster, under the influence of oxygen and ozone. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable, with any balloon anywhere in the world!

Ozone is an absolute “rubber killer.” With strong influence due to the ozone layer, the natural latex can cause a strong characteristic smell and microcracks can occur, which attack the surface of the balloon and accelerate the aging process again and can lead to leakage or the cracking of the balloon.

If you want to store and distribute balloons in a store, we advise you to use a balloon tree for this. If you put them on the ground, this will not hurt, for e.g. on carpeting, but on a floor of stone/concrete/wood, the then very thin balloon wall can sometimes not tolerate this and balloons may crack

Shelf life and storage of balloons

Shelf life of balloons
A general expiry date cannot always be specified as the method of storage is very decisive. Therefore, on our balloon packaging you will always find a packaging date and warning text, as well as a storage and expiration advice with the information that balloons can be stored for up to 1 year, taking into account our recommendations (see also the packaging text). Failure to follow this advice will speed up the aging process

Storage of inflated balloons
When storing a stock of balloons, one should also take into account external influences, such as: UV radiation, daylight, sunlight, etc. These external influences can negatively affect the quality of the colours of balloons and the printing inks

UV rays affect the large proportion of proteins in latex and the rays change the structure. As a result, the latex loses its unique flexibility so that the balloon snaps more easily. This means that a latex balloon (100% natural product) will completely decompose after a year and the balloons become unusable. (In principle, the aging process itself starts earlier). This is due to the existing production and ingredient regulations according to REACH and the toy directive under which balloons fall, whereby the permitted limit values with regard to composition are not exceeded

We recommend keeping the balloons always dry and dark and no longer than 12 months. (recommended temperature between 15° and 20° Celsius) so that the latex does not stick. Please also avoid a temperature lower than 10° Celsius, as the balloons will harden

Paper/card board

For all cardboard seams and paper types, the base material is always white
Coloured paper or cardboard is not available

Pantone colours

If you want to determine PMS colours, it is advisable to use a PMS impeller

What are Pantoe colors? PMS stands for Pantone Matching System colours are also called Pantone colours. PMS colors are standardized colors where the ink is mixed in advance to the right colour. What is the PMS range for? A PMS impeller is a color range of colour swatches. To determine a colour, the PMS impeller is used. Each colour in the impeller corresponds to a code. This colour code can then be used in the graphic programs

Product safety directive

The Product Safety Act always brings many questions, which we are happy to answer as follows, as far as this is possible for us. It is still not clear which products need a safety warning, because how do they want the regulations printed on a Paperclip with advertising, on ballpoints  or on our balloons or party pickers?

Just as strange is it to press a safety message on balloons, that “balloons with a pump must be inflated and adult supervision is required”, although one can only read this safety statement when the balloon is already inflated! For example, this safety statement, including other instructions from us, is always listed as standard in multiple languages on our balloon packaging (PE and PP bags). Do you want your customer to be recognized which manufacturer produces the products for you? №! Therefore, only our production code NL7532SH is indicated on our balloon packaging, party pickers, etc., which means that only you can recognize that we are the manufacturer. For example, if you order paper flags, sun visors, windmills or other products, we can always print your own identifications (e.g. company logo or website) for you at no extra cost

That is why the following is always of the utmost importance to us;

Please inform us to what extent we need to implement the Product Safety Info for you and let us know if you should be listed as a manufacturer/supplier or your customer’s name when placing this order. Example: (Production code: NL7532SH – produced for promotional items Jansen &Wilhelmus / If you have any questions about this, or if you have information for us that may be useful, we are happy to help you

How to create a balloon decoration yourself

Check out this PDF on how to make a fun balloon decoration: How to make a balloon decoration

Statutory safety instructions balloons

Click here to see an example of the prescribed safety instructions

Shipping and delivery

Packing and shipment

All goods are shipped by us in proper packaging boxes

The shipping date is stated on the order confirmation that you received by e-mail. If these are not feasible due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be notified in advance

As soon as the goods have been shipped by us, you will receive the invoice by email. This means that the shipment was shipped on the invoice date

Delivery time / speed production

The standard production time is stated on each product page. If you want a rush production for a particular item, the following applies;

When shipping in:

• 8 working days, the surcharge is 20%
• 5 working days, the surcharge is 35%

Ask our sales staff in advance if the urgent production you have requested is possible for the requested item

Certification and Environment

Does the SUP legislation also apply to bioplastics and oxo-degradable plastic

The rules also apply to disposable products made from bioplastics (biobased or biodegradable). There are many types of bioplastics. For example, plastic made from corn, grain stalks or sugar cane. It may be better for the environment to use non-fossil raw materials. But bioplastics do not break down quickly enough in nature. Bioplastic litter therefore causes the same problems as regular plastic.

Ban on oxo-degradable plastic
All oxo-degradable plastic products are banned after July 3, 2021. These products appear to be biodegradable. But this is not the case. When the plastic comes into contact with oxygen and sunlight, it breaks down into small pieces. These microplastics end up in nature and are very harmful.

SUP legislation: legislation cups per 1-1-2024

Can you provide disposable cups containing plastic for on-site consumption after Jan. 1, 2024?

The short answer is no, as of January 1, 2024, disposable cups containing plastic for on-site consumption are prohibited. Previously purchased cups may also no longer be provided for on-site consumption from then on.

There is a very limited exception: high-quality recycling. This means that an operator collects cups and then has them recycled back into packaging material for food or beverages. There is a collection rate of at least 75 percent starting in 2024 that will increase over the next few years. Until now, only PET has been eligible for high-quality recycling. The exception that applies to the ban on disposable cups has been deliberately kept very limited via the definition of high-grade recycling, as the transition to reusable is the norm. To take advantage of this exception, a notification must be filed with the ILT.

Cardboard cups and bioplastics also fall under this ban on disposable plastics. In the Netherlands, if there are polymers in a cup to make it water or fat repellent, this counts as the main component of the packaging and therefore falls under the ban on disposable plastics. Bioplastics have the same properties as “normal” plastics and are therefore harmful to the environment.

SUP legislation: what is covered?

To SUP or not to SUP: containers with a water and grease repellent coating?

Yes, all cups and containers with a water and grease repellent coating are also covered by the new rules. Here, it does not matter if a disposable cup or container contains only a small percentage of plastic. Products coated with biodegradable plastics are also covered by these rules. The definition of plastic products is set out in the European Commission’s guidelines to the European SUP Directive. These state that if plastic has been added to the packaging as a structural main component, it falls within the scope of the rules. In the Netherlands, the regulations do not distinguish between a plastic layer or other forms of plastic barriers. For example, a cup with a water dispersion coating is also covered by the rules. A claim that a product is plastic-free is not always justified.

SUP legislation: home delivery

What are the rules when delivering meals at home? Do business owners also have to charge the surcharge for disposable packaging for this? What about reusable alternatives?

If business owners use disposable cups and containers that contain plastic, as of July 1, 2023, they must charge a surcharge even when delivering and offer their customers a reusable alternative. Another option is to use packaging without plastic. Accepting your own cup or container (bring your own) does not apply to delivery.

Bamboo and the environment

Bamboo and the environment
Land degradation is estimated to cost the global economy $2,300 billion annually over the next 30 years. Bamboo presents itself as a solution.
Bamboo is a grass and all 1,640 species have a strong root system that binds soil. It is a very fast growing plant that is best suited for restoring non-productive farmland, controlling erosion and keeping slopes stable.

35% more oxygen
A forest with bamboo absorbs 5 times more CO2 and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent piece of forest with trees. Each hectare of bamboo forest absorbs 1000 tons of CO2 per year.
After 2 to 5 years, the bamboo stem is fully grown and can be harvested. If we assume 4 years of growth, 25% of the bamboo forest can be harvested each year without any decline in forest size.

Because so much CO2 is absorbed during growth, even after transportation and processing the bamboo stalks into pressed bamboo, the bamboo is much better for the environment than tropical hardwood.

EU Ecolabel

Do you also choose green?
Products and services with the EU Ecolabel are more sustainably produced. The label therefore sets strict requirements for the use of raw materials, energy, water, harmful substances, waste and packaging.
The EU Ecolabel is the official European eco-label for non-food products and services. It is supported by all EU member states, the European Commission and Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.

The EU Ecolabel makes it easy to make a more sustainable choice. All you have to do is look for the logo with the flower. Only products that meet strict environmental and quality requirements can be certified.

Order fulfillment

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As soon as your order is received from our repro department, you will receive a PDF for approval from these employees as soon as possible (depends on the accuracy of the artwork you provide as well as the crowds in this department

Once you have approved the PDF, our sales employees will confirm your order a.s.a.p

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