Becoming a distributor/reseller

Wisa makes great use of distributors when supplying its customers. Of course quality, reliability and service we provide are of great importance. Besides this, we also take the position of our distributors into account. We do this in the form of using a different price strategy to the end user.
This is not the case with many other producers! A condition for this is that a distributor actively promotes and sells our products, and actually creates added value for the end user.

We make great use of dropshipping for our distributors. Dropshipping is an e-commerce term. The dropshipment principle is a way of working together between three parties: the producer, the distributor and the end user. The distributor offers products, often in his webshop, that the end user can order. The distributor does not produce or have the products in stock, but orders them from Wisa. We produce and ship the products whitelabel to the end user.

Inquire about the possibilities to join; we believe in the added value of long-term cooperation with our partners!