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Balloon decorations

It goes without saying that you can also use our quality balloons for making balloon decorations yourself such as streamers, pillars, balloon arches, etc. To make your own balloon arch for interior decorations, you can use ourĀ  “Balloon arch basic package”, item number 1015. You can look it up in our category Balloons and Accessories.

It couldn’t be any easier!

When used indoors, you can assume that they can linger for several days, but the color of the balloons will diminish as it is a natural product. For more information about this subject please click here.

When balloon decorations are used outdoors, the shelf life is limited to a few days due to the influence of sunlight / UV light / weather conditions. For more information, please click this link
Sustainability and storage of balloons

Balloons & Accessories

How to create a good looking balloon decoration yourself?
You can do really cool things with balloons. You can make a ceiling decoration or a balloon garland in no time, or for example a nice pillar at the entrance of the store, everything is very simple.
Check out our galery for great ideas!

Balloon decorations galery

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How to make a balloon decoration