About us

As oldest balloon printing company in the Netherlands and producer of promotional items in the paperware sector, we have known the tricks of the trade for more than 69 years.

The production of our product range takes place in Enschede/Netherlands.
Only as a producer by controlling the entire process from a to z in-house we can, make the most of the possibilities and certainties that this offers.

Advantages for our customers are, for example, our short lines of communication, fast delivery times and our extensive possibilities in the field of packaging (e.g. dropshipping) and shipping.
Customers praise our high level of service and very high delivery reliability.

Another advantage is that Wisa, as a producer, is aware of developments in the field of environmental and legislative standards.
Producing our items in-house means that we can guarantee production under hygienic conditions, which is becoming increasingly more important in the context of the increasingly strict regulations in this area, also with a view to the future. As the icing on the cake, we have been certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001 for many years.

Wisa has valued long-term relationships with its customers for decades.
Unlike concollegas, we use a separate pricing for its distributors and end customers.

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