ISO 9001 certification means that our quality system in the field of organization, and the way in which the organization handles quality policy, has been tested against the international standards laid down for this purpose.
ISO 14001 is the internationally accepted standard with requirements for an environmental management system. The environmental management system is used to develop an environmental policy appropriate to the organisation and to ensure its implementation.

In short, this means for our partners that they work together with a solid party with attention to and safeguarding the management and environment business operations.
A reassuring thought, for you, for us and for the environment!

Reach regulation

We confirm that the products / ingredients / constituents supplied by us comply with all current EU directives and that we comply with all obligations concerning the REACH regulation EC no. 1907/2006 of the European Parliament. The monitoring of these registration requirements and the creation of the safety data sheets under REACH is carried out exclusively by the suppliers of raw materials. We are only recipients of ready-made products whose ingredients are registered under REACH and therefore by suppliers of raw materials if necessary.

Recycling info

The items produced by us are packaged in LDPE-LDPP. The polypropylene and polyethylene bags in which our items are packaged do not contain cadmium or BHT. The processed raw materials LDPE and HDPE are recommended for the packaging of foodstuffs in accordance with the legal requirements applicable in Europe, the United States of America and Japan. The packaging boxes are fully recyclable and are produced according to RESY-Norm in Germany at MODEL GmbH under manufacturer number 0334. The prices include the legally required waste management contribution.

We are pleased to send you the latest research reports / information sheets on the above topics as a PDF file on request.