The party has been starting at Wisa for 70 years!

We are proud to celebrate our 70th anniversary on 1 March 2023! Over the past seven decades, Wisa Enschede bv has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the promotional industry and hospitality sector.

Anouk Sannemann is the third Sannemann generation now at the helm of this down-to-earth Twente family business. She herself has been working for 28 years in the company, which passed from her father Willy Sannemann to herself. Once started by her grandfather Willie Sannemann sr, who, driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, started hand-printing balloons from home, Wisa Enschede bv passed to her father, Willy Sannemann jr. Due to a combination of hard work, his headstrong vision of production and his urge for improvement and renewal, the production of balloons grew from 500 to 100,000 a day through numerous innovations and investments. Willy also saw a big market for printed paper promotional items. For this, as for printing balloons, machines were developed in-house. This broadly defined the current product range and related customer group, which has now been successful for 70 years.

The transition of the company from one generation to the next is characterised by different insights, partly determined by a changing spirit of the times. Doing business has changed over the years, something Anouk has made her own. Challenges in the field of (environmental) legislation and customer wishes and requirements give a different dynamic to running the company than her father Willy, for example, experienced. What has remained for three generations is the vision with which the company is led: work hard, deliver a good product and do what you promise! A characteristic of a family business is that it can be managed on its own insight and entrepreneurial spirit, without having to take shareholders into account. Something that certainly applies to Wisa, and has definitely contributed to its long-term success.

Our experience and expertise enable us to meet the specific needs of our customers. Wisa Enschede bv produces in-house for both the promotional market and the hospitality industry. We do this not only with our people at the location on Voorjaarsweg in Enschede, but also with a permanent group of home workers and locations in our immediate vicinity where sheltered employment is offered. Together with the fact that we prefer to have our suppliers and partners close by, we as a company take our responsibility to contribute (locally) to society. A successful addition as a producer is offering in-house special packaging and dropshipping services. That our method is successful is shown by the fact that Wisa now delivers to 16 countries.

Over the past 70 years, we have seen many changes, but one thing has always remained the same: our passion for manufacturing. We are proud of our rich history and remain committed to the future.

After Anouk’s complete takeover of the company, Willy Sannemann remained associated with the company as an advisor for several more years at Anouk’s request.
However, now with the successful 70th anniversary of “his baby”, Willy has indicated that, partly because of this, his advisor position has become redundant and would like to end this official affiliation simultaneously with the anniversary date.

We thank all our relations for their loyalty and support and hope to continue our long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers for a long time to come.

Wisa Enschede bv 1953-2023 – 70 years of experience, 70 years of trust: our company, your partner.

Anouk Sannemann
Willy Sannemann