Sun visors & crowns

Sun visors and crowns, always dazzling. Popular with young and old and therefore excellently usable during all festivities. We guarantee only sunny faces of the customers. You can use the Sun visors and crowns on the beach, on a festival and a lot other festivities, it's a perfect for the summer.

  • Minimum quantity:
    1.000 pieces. (small quantity from 100 pieces on possible)
  • Shapes:
    Nr. 1 BANANA
    Nr. 2 SUNNY
    Nr. 3 JOCKEY
    Nr. 4 CROWN
  • Printing/print colours:
    1 sided offset Pantone colours or CMYK full colour
  • Material:
    Certified 275 g/m² virgen fibre pulp white card board Accurate
  • Finishing:
    Knotted with rubber cord