Punchballoons in Qualityprint

Watch how children proudly bear their punchballs aloft, spreading an advertising message on the street, on the beach, at a fair or …

  • Minimum quantity:
    1 colour 1.000 pieces (small amount from 100 pcs. on possible)
    2 colours 2.000 pieces
    3 colours 3.000 pieces
    4 colours 5.000 pieces
  • Punch ball colours:
    You can choose as many colors as you wish within one order.
    Assorted or 9 different colours of your choice. The balloon colours shown by us in the balloon colour card are not binding. A balloon is always slightly lighter when inflated than an uninflated balloon. From this point of view, the PMS colour values ​​can not be represented for 100%. Minor color deviations and dipping form reserved.
    The colours: 6001 white, 6002 yellow, 6004 orange, 6045 red, 6006 pink, 6049 lilac, 6009 light blue, 6010 mid blue en 6012 green.
  • Size:
    130 cm circumference (approx. 45 cm diameter), at the top with elastic band
  • Printing:
    1- or 2 sided up to 4 solid colours (no full colour). Standard printing colours are: black, white, PMS 032 red, process blue, reflex blue, PMS 362 green, PMS yellow, PMS 021 orange, PMS 527 purple and PMS magenta
  • Material:
    100% Natural latex, according to the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC, EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3, EN71-9, EN71-12 and tested by the German Institute SGS Fresenius and in compliance with REACH
  • Sustainability and storage:
    Maximum 1 year. "Sustainability and storage of balloons"
  • Filled balloons:
    For all information on filling balloons please read "Filling balloons with air".