Paper cups – Single- and Double Wall

Cups – Paper cups – Printed coffee cups - Drinking cups - Ice cups

Standard single wall cups and double wall cups in 8 Oz size, produced ïn house" on most modern machines with optimized cardboard thickness. Photo printing, gradients, shadows, etc., everything can be printed easily without any problems with a very short delivery time.

  • Minimum quantity:
    1.000 pieces (Small quantity from 100 pieces on possible)
  • Sizes:
    - 7,5 Oz / 180 ml - height 90 mm – top ø 71 mm – bottom ø 47 mm
    single wall, (suitable for coffee machines)

    - 8 Oz / 220 ml - height 90 mm – top ø 80 mm – bottom ø 58 mm
    available as single wall- or double wall cups
    (World wide the most sold size)
  • Printing/print colours:
    Up to 4.000 pieces with a digital print. From 5.000 pieces on with CMYK offset printing or black. Even if you want, for example only 2 or 3 print colours, the construction always takes place according to the CMYK matching system. From 20,000 pieces, printing in Pantone colours is possible
  • Material:
    Cupforma Natura 275 g/m² Stora/ Enso incl. 15 g/m² PE coating
    High-quality, low-migration materials; PE coated cardboard, tasteless and odor free
    as well as food certified printing inks
  • Temperature:
    The temperature of the filling of the standard single wall cup must not exceed 100°C at the time of filling and should cool down to about 50°C in about 60 minutes and to 30°C or less in 60 minutes.Therefore these single-wall cups are 100% suitable for hot drinks, however double-wall cups can also be produced in the 8 Oz size which have an even higher insulation value. These are therefore also very suitable as ice cups!
    (Paper cups are in principle unsuitable for alcoholic beverages)
  • Delivery:
    Approx. 5 work days after approval.