Giant balloons in Qualityprint

Advertising is all about visibility and attention value. These giant balloons enable your client to make a grand impression at an opening or open day and in qualityprint the absolute top.

  • Minimum quantity:
    10 pieces (small quantity possible)
  • Sizes
    Round balloons 55 / 80 / 115 / 150 or 210 cm diameter
    Zeppelin balloons 30 cm diameter
    Heart shape balloons 70 and 110 cm diameter
  • Balloon colours:
    You can choose as many colors as you wish within one order.
    Assorted or 21 different colours of your choice, pastel-metallic-crystal. The balloon colours shown by us in the balloon colour card are not binding. A balloon is always slightly lighter when inflated than an uninflated balloon. From this point of view,
    the PMS colour values ​​can not be represented for 100%. Minor color deviations and dipping form reserved
    Balloon colours: 4400 White, 4410 Yellow, 4420 Orange, 4430 Red, 4431 Pink, 4440 Magenta, 4470 Lilac, 4475 Violet, 4451 Light blue, 4450 Mid blue, 4456 Dark blue, 4461 Light green, 4460 Dark green, 4499 Black, 4500 Transparent, 5510 Metallic white, 5530 Metallic red, 5520 Metallic pink, 5550 Metallic blue, 5500 Metallic silver, 5515 Metallic gold.

    Metallic balloons are harder than pastel balloons, making the specified size smaller
  • Printing:
    1- up to 2 colours in qualityprint. 3- or 4 colour imprint available on request after receiving an artwork to check if we can print it. Standard printing colours are: black, white, PMS 032 red, process blue, reflex blue, PMS 362 green, PMS yellow, PMS 021 orange, PMS 527 purple and PMS magenta
  • Material:
    100% Natural latex, according to the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC, EN-71.1 EN-71-2, EN-71-3, EN 71-9, EN 71-12 and tested by the German Institute SGS Fresenius and in compliance with REACH
  • Sustainability and storage:
    Maximum 1 year. "Sustainability and storage of balloons"
  • Filled balloons
    For all information on filling balloons please read "Balloon filling with air or helium”.