Inspiration for festivity days

The 14th of February, the most romantic day of the year We have already selected some articles for this special day. Have you thought about party picks in shape of a heart? But of course our balloons are also available in heart shape. For more inspiration, click on the link

Not a national Holiday in Holland, but we do know how to complete this day! Please click on the following link, to see what we produce to complete your St Patricks Day

Also for celebrating the end of the ramaddan we produce articles. Do you want to see what? Please click on the following.

The easter bunny, Easter eggs, easter brunch, we all know it well. But are you looking for something new for easter? Please have a look at the following.

The 31st of october, Halloween! Pumpkins and Halloween? No! At Wisa we make vreepy masks and Photo props for Halloween Are you looking for more inspiration? Please click on the following link

Triangular and rectanguler pennant Lines? Yes we produce them. But have you considered to make a special shape? For Christmas for example in shape of a star or Christmas balls? Take a look what we have made before to get your inspiration