Balloon filling with air or helium

With air


The biggest enemy of natural latex balloons is heat and direct sunlight. On hot summer days, for example, balloons that hang outside will fade faster in colour and can therefore burst faster.
In a room with a normal average temperature (without much (sun) light), the balloons usually keep their air filling for several weeks when they are well filled and sealed.


All balloons are blown up by us for printing and are therefore automatically checked for their quality at the same time, whether they are not a small hole in the extremely thin balloon wall. These balloons burst already while printing in our printing department.

Distribute balloons

If you want to store and distribute balloons,we advise you to use a balloon tree. If you place them on the ground, this can be done e.g. on floor coverings no harm, but on a floor of stone / concrete / wood, then the very thin balloon wall can not bear this and some balloons will crack.


First blow the latex balloons to the maximum size and then allow about 10% to escape. With this the surface of the balloon is relieved and stabilized. We recommend that you do not inflate the balloons beyond the maximum balloon size, because they can burst quickly. Especially heart shape balloons are very sensitive to this!

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WISA ENSCHEDE is not in favor of the release of balloons. Our advice is not to leave balloons filled with helium to prevent pollution and to ensure that they do not end up in the atmosphere. We are members of the EPBC (balloon and party council) representing the interests of balloon manufacturers and printers in Europe. (the optional release of balloons is not legally prohibited nationally).

Balloon accessories

Use the very best balloon accessories, for example balloon sticks made of (child safe) unbreakable polypropylene. It is not necessary to tie the balloons when these sticks are used. (Art. 1007-1008)

If you do not use our balloon accessories, do not manually knot the balloon with full force as this may cause small cracks in the latex. (After knotting, hold the balloon neck and only pull at the end so that it closes properly!)

Warning 2018

With helium

Non-flammable, non-explosive

All balloons supplied by us can be filled with helium gas. Helium gas is a natural noble gas, non-flammable, non-explosive and non-toxic and part of our atmosphere. Recognized gas depots are happy to assist you with the delivery of this and they usually supply a filling valve to simplify the
self-filling of balloons.


Since helium has an extremely volatile property, with respect to balloons which are filled with air,
but limited in the balloons, it is about a maximum of 12 hours at the balloon size 85/95. That is why balloons filled with helium gas float only for a few hours and are therefore highly dependent on the chosen balloon size.

Also, the method of filling is extremely important: Never fill a helium balloon for the full 100%. Approximately 80% of the actual balloon volume is sufficient. Since a balloon can rise to many thousands of meters, it will expand in the atmosphere and in this way has sufficient "space" to expand, so that the chance of floating far is much greater than a 100% filled balloon.

Filling method

Never add a quantity of air to the balloon filling (to possibly be cheaper) because that does not benefit the rising strength of the balloons. A too heavy balloon card can also strongly influence the climbing force. On the other hand, giantballoons have a substantially larger volume compared to normal balloons and therefore remain so for much longer.

Balloon decoration.

We recommend that you pre-fill the balloons prior to the event (for example decorative purposes). When you, for example, today would fill balloons with helium, the next morning they will definitely lie on the ground! However, this has nothing to do with the balloon quality, because with air they remain weeks filled.


As a minimum balloon size for helium filling we recommend balloon 85/95 cm